Book Signing

Book Signing
My book signing in November 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Answered Prayers

About ten years ago, I had a job that I content with. You will notice I didn't say happhy or unhappy, just content, like going with the flow. There were things about the job that didn't jive with the way I felt about life, but it was a job and I was in the field that I had gotten my degree in. I had a nice family and home, my kids were almost grown, life was good or so I  led myself to believe.
Then the rug got pulled out from under me. I got laid off. Now what, I tried the mortgage industry, thank goodness I don't like math and cold calling, that didn't work out. Then a couple of things happened, we got a foreign exchange student, our middle son went away to college and I was pregnant.
All through this time of change, I had been praying for God to show me the door He wanted me to go through, but I wasn't really listening for His answer, just still kind of going along with the flow.
So the year passed, I had a baby girl, the exchange student turned out to be wonderful and our son came home for summer break. Things once again seemed to be going smoothly, but I wasn't content. Something seemed to be missing.
I had had a taste of something more, however bitter that may have been, and felt that I needed something more. I took one of those writing tests you see in all the parenting magazines. I passed and they thought I would be a good candidate for the course. So I signed up and took the writing course at ICL. I was happy, I loved writing, I could be home, caring for my infant along with my teenage daughter still at home. I was content and happy, not ecstatic, but happy. All along I'm praying for God to keep opening doors and He is, just not the ones I expect.
After I finish the course, I try to write and submit to childrens publications. I am writing articles and fictional stories for kids. They are being rejected. Finally two are accepted, they are not for children, but about children and parents. Maybe I'm looking the wrong way, I pray for guidance, God points me to Young Adult and Adult, inspirational for women. I had been on the right road just not facing the right direction. I write more inspirational and focus on ya fiction. I have e-zines publishing my writing and am writing a ya novel. Now I am really happy and content. I'm not making much if any money, but I'm writing for God and that is what's important. Other things have happened in the years to bring my family to the point we are at today.Maybe we haven't taken the obvious or easiest path and we haven't gotten the rewards that the secular world feels are so important. However, God has answered our prayers and in return we have answered His call. We are finally following God's lead and I sense with Him big things will happen in His time.
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  1. Hmmmmm ... I'll have to try to remember to come back and enter a McLinky link. It's still in countdown mode for the moment. :)

  2. That's a great feeling. I'm happy for you.

  3. There seems to be a problem with McLinky. Last night when I went to bed it was down to less than 2 hours. Now it's back over 14.

  4. Keep on keepin on with your sounds like God is opening lots of doors for you. Bless you in your endeavors! Thanks for the word of encouragement.