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Book Signing
My book signing in November 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

What if...

When I took this challenge last week I figured it would be easy. I should have known better. One of the reasons it has taken me so long to write my follow up post is because when it came to doing the follow up on my 5 what ifs it wasn't so easy and I didn't do so well.

So now I'll report on my progress:

1. What if I make love to my husband?  Didn't happen, I had the best of intentions all week, but when crunch time came I didn't do it.

2. What if I really rewrite Twelve Pillars? I did look at it and started on the second chapter, but I just did some editing and not any major rewriting. It seems I picked a chapter that didn't need much rewriting. So I guess I have to go back to chapter one, since my beginning is weak and then move on from there.

3. What if i started that couples Bible study with Al? (He is my husband). We did do that. On Wednesday night we went to bed early and did the first chapter. We talked and communicated our feelings and actually did not get angry or fight. Now we'll have to see what happens with chapter two.

4. What if I really stuck to and committed to a diet and exercise plan for a week? Another one of my didn't happens. I did go to the gym twice this week and ride the exercycle for 30 minutes, but the dieting went out the window. However I have to keep moving forward and plan on going at it again next week. God grant me the strength I need to follow through with this one. I know I need to lose the weight for so many reasons and I have admittted that I am f.....a.......t (wow that's even hard to type), so how do I move on to the next step where do I find the motivation and the stick-to-itness I need. I keep telling my daughter she needs to find it within herself with God as her help. How do I take my own advice?

5. What if I really let go and let God? You should be able to tell from my previous answers that this wasn't very successful either, because if I had let go and let God I would have had more successes this past week. Sometimes I do and I have seen the results, but it is so hard to let go of all the stress and worries and let God handle it. I'm not sure I know completely how to do that.

So that is the result of my What if challenge. Maybe I will keep them where I can see them and continue to work towards them coming to fruition.

Bonnie thanks for the challenge.


  1. I should do this. I think #5 is so difficult... I honestly don't even know where I would start. What do you say we try again sometime soon? :) Can I be nosy and ask what Bible study you and your husband are doing? We (um, maybe I) always have good intentions but never seem to do that.... always looking for different ideas.

  2. Thanks, I'll look into that!